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Visa Info.

Visa Information

Tourist Visa in Thailand

Below information is just for reference. Policies may subject to change. Please consult the embassy and local agency for most up-to-date visa application process.
Thailand is a beautiful country. Her tropical weather and rich culture act as natural magnets for those who dwell in the far-side of the world. A big chunk of Thailand’s revenues are obtained from the tourism industry, making her the tourism hub of the far-east. What if you live on a different country and would want to have a vacation in Thailand?

THAI E-VISA - Tourist Visa  

Required Document (Please check relevant embassy/ consulate's website for specifically required documents)

  • 1. Biodata page of Passport or Travel Document
  • 2. Photograph taken within the last six months
  • 3. Document indicating current location
  • 4. Travel booking confirmation
  • 5. Proof of accommodation in Thailand, e.g. Accommodation bookings

For more information, please contact the local Thailand Embassy in your country.

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